Hiring in the Public Safety Sector

There is intense pressure to fill open public safety positions quickly, but the hiring process can be slow and the candidate pool limited. RedBlueJobs offers a solution that will broaden your candidate reach and increase your access to a diverse audience.

RedBlueJobs is the only online jobs and employer portal dedicated to recruitment across the entire public safety sector. The platform only accepts job listings for Fire, Police, Corrections, EMS, Communications/Dispatch, Emergency Management, and Public Health.

Get your job listing in front of potential employees who have the mindset to serve and protect the public. With RedBlueJobs not only will you reach candidates in your sector, you will also reach beyond it and tap into the a larger network.

As an added benefit with any job purchase you can browse the RedBlueJobs resume directory for free, and actively reach out to candidates whose skill set and experience match the job. It’s free for a job seeker to create a profile and look for a position, which means more eyes on your job, and no application barriers.

If your department operates under a civil service hiring process RedBlueJobs is a great option for you. Give your upcoming exams exposure so you can reach a broad audience and expand your future hiring pool.

As an added bonus, every job that gets posted on the site is also sent out via the RedBlueJobs Twitter and Facebook channels for even more visibility.

RedBlueJobs Packs start at $99 and up, and are priced competitively with municipal, county, and state budgets in mind. The site accepts credit cards, or you can be invoiced and pay later.

Let’s get started!