RedBlueJobs is the only online jobs portal dedicated to hiring across the entire public safety sector. The platform only accepts job listings for positions under the umbrella of Public Safety including: Fire, Police, Corrections, EMS, Communications (Dispatch), Emergency Management, and Public Health.

RedBlueJobs is quickly becoming the web’s preferred place for public safety employers to connect with job seekers interested in public service.

For job seekers, RedBlueJobs has many benefits:

  • Any job seeker who registers to use the site can create a profile, upload a resume, browse jobs, and apply for a position for free.
  • Employers can view job seeker profiles on the site and message candidates on the platform directly.
  • A well-constructed profile can mean more job opportunities for a job seeker.

For employers RedBlueJobs has several benefits as well.

  • The site has competitive pricing with a wide variety of available job packs.
  • All new jobs that are posted get shared on the RedBlueJobs Twitter and Facebook pages with a growing number of followers.
  • With a job pack an employer can browse all of the job seeker profiles on the site.

Launched in 2020, RedBlueJobs was created by John Guilfoil Public Relations, New England’s premier public safety PR firm with support from an advisory committee of New England police chiefs, fire chiefs, and ambulance company CEOs.